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A Discussion Community for Marvel Movies
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The Community
Welcome to Make Mine A Movie, a community dedicated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and any other Marvel Movies to come. Here you'll find any and all information released on upcoming Marvel Studios movies as well as discussions about rumors, casting, storylines, etc.
The Rules
It's all fairly simple really.

+All spoiler material must go behind a cut and the post must be properly labeled that it contains spoilers.

+Tags are you friend, please use them.

+Please keep your hate to yourself. All opinions are welcome and we encourage discussions but that is not an excuse to openly bash someone. If you're hear to chat with other Marvel Movie fans, then be civil.

+Please keep in mind that this is not a community for the old Marvel movies. This is for any movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as any new Marvel movies to come, such as the Spider-man reboot. You're more than welcome to bring up the old movies in discussions but please don't make entire posts about them.
What's Allowed
Any and all information pertaining to the movies is welcome to be posted! That includes trailers, casting announcements, posters, movie clips, rumors, etc. Remember though, make sure to use cuts and tags appropriately!

While we are not a community for fanworks exactly, you are more than wecome to share your work through comments and whatnot during discussions. We may, in the future, allow the posting of graphics, fanvideos, etc but that is still to be determined.
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